CZ BREN 2 14"

5,56x45 NATO (7") | .223 rem

The CZ BREN 2 is a new concept multi-caliber assault rifle from the CZ brand of service weapons
production. This weapon was designed for the most demanding users from specalized units and armed
forces operating anywhere in the world.

- Weapon´s design is based on proven tapping the combustion gases from the barrel with option of threestage regulation of the piston mechanism.
- Extremely reliability and durability under all conditions.
- High accuracy and service life
- Low weight and compact dimensions for fast and comfortable handling.
- Ambidextrous controls
- Elaborated ergonomics with outstanding properties when fired
- Materials used are noncombustible or have increased fire resistance, as well as being resistant to impacts and mechanical damage
- Basic disassembly and assembly for routine
- Maintenance can be carried out without the need for any tools

Barrel length 357 mm
Weight with empty magazine (g) 2,96 kg
Length (mm) 650/833-877 mm
Width (mm) 80/104 mm
Pojemność magazynka 30
Kaliber 5,56x45 NATO (7"), .223 rem


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